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The BodyAttune approach integrates twenty years of therapeutic body conditioning and energy medicine using both The Pilates Method of Conditioning and The BodyTalk System.


41 Union Square West, Suite 636
New York,
NY 10003


The BodyAttune approach integrates twenty years of therapeutic body conditioning and energy medicine using both The Pilates Method of Conditioning and The BodyTalk System. These systems are both very gentle yet powerfully effective by working with the body to unwind patterns of stress.

Pilates does this by utilizing a series of body conditioning exercises that when done in sequence and coordinated with proper breathing strengthens the nervous system to help optimize musculoskeletal coordination, cardiovascular rhythm, lymphatic drainage, digestion, and overall circulation.

BodyTalk does this by working with the body’s innate self-healing ability to highlight areas of imbalance and then to apply gentle touch and light tapping to bring better balance, harmony, and communication within the entire bodymind complex.

Shelley's passion for studying mindbody medicine started at UNC Chapel Hill where she completed her bachelors of science degree in psychology and briefly worked as a research scientist in cognitive science, an emerging field which integrates psychology, philosophy, computer science, and artificial intelligence. This experience started her on a long journey toward discovering the fantastic inner workings of the entire mindbody complex. In the fifteen years since leaving the university, she has sought out the most prominent and innovative thinkers, researchers, educators, and healers to help her understand the nature of who we are, how we work, and how we can heal.


"Shelley is a healer whom I'd trust with the most intricate physical or emotional problems I could ever face. Her understanding of the interconnectedness between physical and emotional symptoms enables her to bring balance where there has long been weakness and grief. Specifically she helped me release some long-standing issues around victimization --in one session -- and of course it manifested in physical issues as well. Both the physical and the emotional components have disappeared. I'm immensely grateful." Maria P, CBP

"Shelley is a brilliant and intuitive healer who listens to your needs, and applies her vast range of body knowledge to give you a gentle transformative experience. She has helped my depressed cat, as well as given me BodyTalk and Pilates sessions, and I always leave feeling grounded and stronger!" -Candace W

“Shelley has an immense knowledge of the body and sensitivity to each person's needs. Whether she is practicing BodyTalk or teaching gyrotonic and pilates, she provides an exceptional level of care and encourages/challenges each body to grow and open in exactly the way that it needs. I highly recommend her to anyone and especially to those with chronic conditions.” -Anne H

"For 3 years I suffered from a painful condition known in Western Medicine as Lichens Sclerosis. It is an autoimmune disorder that is like having yeast infection, posion oak, rash, itching, and torn skin in the vaginal area...all the time...every day. It has no known "cure" in Western Medicine. I basically thought my personal life was over- I was in constant discomfort...and I was in despair for weeks at a time. I am a shamanic healer and through my work I met a student who practiced Body Talk. Within 8 sessions over the course of 9 months my LS is gone. THERE ARE NO WORDS TO EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE TO JOHN VELTHEIM and all the wonderful people that led me to Marie Johnson and Shelley Poovey. This condition was my greatest teacher as a healer- it led me to knew levels of compassion and understanding that helps me be more sensitive healer- and it led me to BodyTalk which I feel was all part of a bigger plan! Namaste" Kay D

“It’s hard to overstate either the depth of Shelley’s knowledge or her incredible healing energy. She is one of the most miraculous practitioners I’ve encountered in any modality, and her incorporation of BodyTalk enables her to achieve profound levels of healing.” Trevor E

“The BodyTalk sessions I have had with Shelley have been deeply powerful and significant in my healing process. We were able to balance issues on the physical, emotional and preventative levels. Shelley is a truly gifted person and I am grateful that she is a part of the group maintaining my wellness. ” -Anastasia H, acupuncturist

“Although I had been an avid athlete in my youth, my scoliosis caused me to shy away from participating in sports as an adult. Working with Shelley improved my confidence and gave me the courage to reach far beyond my comfort zone. I have now completed three half-marathons, one marathon, and two triathlons!” - Lisa H, Law Professor, Hofstra University

“Shelley has that rare ability to look inside someone’s body and truly understand what is going on. Sessions with her are always unique and specific to what my body needs that particular day. She is a gem with a calming spirit and I love working with her.” – Dani R, Pilates Instructor and former Rockette

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About Me: Shelley Poovey is the owner of BodyAttune, and has been in practice for ten years. She holds advanced certifications in both BodyTalk and Pilates as well as having completed advanced certification in the GYROTONIC™ Expansion System.

Services Offered: BodyTalk, Pilates, Core Fitness Integration, Business Alchemy

Education/Experience: BS Psychology UNC-Chapel Hill. Advanced Certified BodyTalk and Pilates

In Practice Since: 2002

Hours: 10am-8pm

Rates: 3 sessions $300

Memberships: The International BodyTalk Association

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